Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Hope This is not the Last Good-Bye

You guys have probably noticed that we haven’t been updating our blog for a while. Melissa is pregnant with her No.3, and finishing up their new house. Morning sickness, all the chores comes with new home improvements and her two other toddlers has taken all her free time.

I realize that there’s too much on my plate too. I’m getting really busy with my photography business, my church calling is very demanding, my husband started to travelling a lot more for work, and my 2 year old no longer takes 3 hours naps. I have so much stuff to tell you guys, and so many good deals to share with you, but just can’t seem to find the time.

We have had so much fun writing this blog, and we love the friendship and support that was shared with us. We get so many emails saying how wonderful it is to have something refreshing to read about modest fashion everyday. Well, those words meant a lot to us, and we really do hope, we will find time to pick this up in the future when the right season comes.

I actually do have one more deal to share with you guys, cuz no one could say no to $4 shoes, especially when they are this cute.

hot cheap shoes-5281 

hot cheap shoes-5280

I got these Vince Camuto Delilah booties at Ideeli, they are members only sample sale site offers one-of-a-kind deals everyday. You can get them at for $139, but Ideeli had them on sale for $44, and the trick is that if your friends join Ideeli because of you and purchase something, you will receive $25 in credit. I had two friends just bought something there, so I used the $50 credit towards to these cute shoes. With shipping, I only had to pay $4. Can’t beat that!

They are super super comfy, and I love wearing them with shorts or skirts, they make my legs look so much longer. I can’t wait to wear them tonight to a concert with my husband, it’s going to be the highlight of our year, since we never get to go on to dates, hehe…

If you need an invite to Ideeli, just click here, and start saving on designer stuff. Don’t forget to let your friends know, so you can start to accumulate credits too.

I can’t believe this is it for now. I’m very sad :( We love you all, and hope to blog modest fashion for you guys some day again. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out my photography blog, it’s not updated everyday, but there are some interesting reads, and hopefully I can bring a fashion editorial look into my photos.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going Out of Town

Hey girls, I will be out of town for the next couple of weeks. We are leaving for L.A. tomorrow, then going to Washington D.C. from L.A., and finally hopefully make it to NYC. I’m super excited about my trip, because we haven’t been anywhere this whole summer, and let me tell you it is so hard with a toddler in Vegas in summer. I need to escape from the heat bad. I know it’s September already, but Vegas doesn’t seen like wanting to cool down.

I don’t think I will have easy access to internet, and therefore I won’t be able to have posts for a little while. Sorry guys, but this is a much needed vacation. I’ll let you know how my trips go, and hopefully I’ll find some awesome bargain treats for myself, hehe… 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Girls, make sure your husbands watch this!

Who has problems communicating with their husbands about gifting? I know I do. Guys and girls are just from totally different worlds, and their brains are wired so differently compare to ours. I just recently saw this video on youtube and thought they have captured the essence beautifully and hilariously. If you have not already seen this, you are in for a treat!

On another note, my husband is turning 30 next Friday, I have no idea what I should get for him. Any suggestions? I don’t want to get sent to the doghouse.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Cute Modest Dresses From Victoria’s Secret

You can almost guaranteed to find classy and modest dress at Victoria’s Secret. Right now they have all the fall stuff out, and their dresses look so chic and comfortable. You can wear most of them as is, and layer with a little tank top to cover the neckline a little bit.

wrap dress, $78

Ruffle Dress, $58

Turtle neck sweater dress, $78

Dolman-sleeve sweater dress, $68

Marled sweater dress, $78

Silk boat neck dress, $118

Silk shirt dress, sale $99

Flirty little black dress, special $95

They have tons more on their site, go check it out. I love dresses; I would wear it everyday if I could, but people always ask me if I’m going somewhere. Can I just wear dresses for no reason? Just because it’s cute, elegant, girly, and easy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

From Wedding Photography to Marriage

I wrote this for my Through My Eyes Las Vegas photography blog, considering how little readers I get there, I decided to also publish it here. Enjoy!

Last week, I spent over 30hrs sitting in MGM Conference Center in Las Vegas for a photography convention, called Skip’s Summer School. Was it worth getting up at 6am, taking my son to baby sitter and rush to downtown, sitting in a room and listening to 2 hrs speeches at a time, and not getting home until 12am. Heck yeah!!

Not only I have gained so much knowledge on various subjects, more importantly it was the laughter and tears that were shared during the convention, and how watching strangers’ wedding photo slide brought back to me so much memory of my own wedding. I have never met those couples, yet I could relate to them so well just from the incredible wedding photos.

As I watched this NY city wedding video of this gorgeous couple (done by Maring Visuals), I couldn’t stop thinking about my sweet heart, and our wedding ceremony. All those feelings just gushed out from my heart like a flood.

I agree that romance slowly dies in marriage, especially after you have kids, or maybe we are just not doing it right. But I know I haven’t changed how I feel about my husband, it’s just hiding in my heart and getting dusty. How funny it was just by watching strangers’ wedding photo, it brought me right back to that moment and that spot.

I was standing there so nervously, but all I could see was my husband-to-be through my teary eyes, nothing else mattered. I remembered how lucky I thought I was to be able to spend the rest of my life with this sweet and insanely good looking guy, and how much hope and dedication I had to our marriage.

Those feelings slowly fades away through the daily mundane and other things we are trying to accomplish. It was really nice to have my memory refreshed, and remember what life really is about, and I consider that was the best part of this convention.

No kidding when people say a smart bride would spend less on everything else, but hire the best photographer she can afford. A good wedding photographer would make any tight budget weddings look beautiful. Through those photographs, it’s how you are going to remember your wedding, and how your children and grand-children know of your wedding.

When you are feeling down, having troubles in your marriage, or just simply wanting that first in love feeling, flip through your wedding photos, it might save your marriage down the road.

Our wedding photographer was decent, but I really wished that I had spent more money on my wedding photography to have every moment and every detail captured beautifully. That is probably the only regret I have for my wedding. I wouldn’t mind to hit the replay button every other month to relive in those moments.

If you haven’t looked through your wedding photos for a while, do it tonight. Everyone needs to get their memory refreshed; it will be good for you marriage.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dress Up Your Shoes

Just found out about this cool accessory for your shoes. This company called Absolutely Audrey who makes all different clips for shoes. You can dress up your plain old shoes for all sort of occasions.

You can do it with a cutesy polka dots bow clip for a causal look like this, maybe with your navy ballet flats

or like this and this.


You can also do a meeting clients, and going to interviews look with this classic button clip.

Can’t find anything flashy for going out at night? What about getting red rhinestone clips for your plain red strappy heels?

Getting married, but doesn’t want to spend half of your paycheck on pair of shoes you are only going to wear once. You have plenty options from Absolutely Audrey to dress up a pair of plain white heels. The best part is after the wedding, you can just use it on your clutches or sandals. I love jeweled sandals!




Don’t forget to check out real wedding pictures from their blog.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sephora Sample Review – Pore No More

I did finally get to try my dr. brandt Pore No More pore refiner sample last week. I was very impressed with how fast it was set on my face. This beige color cream just glides on my skin, makes my pores appear smaller, and took all the shine away from my face. Although I still felt there was something missing, so I put foundation over this refiner, and my skin looked flawless and ready for make up.

I was seriously considering this over Philosophy’s The Present clear makeup which I have blogged about a couple of weeks ago. But the added step and added time with using dr. brandt pore refiner in my routine has convinced me to stay with Philosophy’s The Present clear makeup.

If you have really oily skin and seeking for a very polished look, pore no more refiner is the right stuff for you. If you are like me, has combination skin, wanting a more natural look, and doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning for getting ready, I would recommend the Philosophy’s clear make up, and save the foundations for a special occasion.  

pores no more® pore refiner

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shabby Apple Discount Code

For limited time only, Shabby Apple is giving our readers a discount code for anything in their online store. Just enter


at check out, you will receive 10% on everything they offer. What a good timing on getting your fall pieces ready! Offer expires Sept 21st. Have fun shopping!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Three Days of Shabby Apple – Glam Me Up

Today is our last day for Shabby Apple preteen GI Jane dress review. Courtni jazzed up this dress big time with a grey cardigan, belt, metallic flats, and wavy hair down. She grabbed her little red purse for a pop of color. Doesn’t she look like she’s from a magazine cover. Here are the best shots.








See, it’s definitely not hard to wear this dress in a more sophisticated look for a special occasion or going to church. It’s seriously so versatile; I only wish they made this dress in my size. Go to to check out the rest of their fabulous wear.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three Days of Shabby Apple – School Day

If you read my previous blog, you know that I’m writing a review on a Shabby Apple preteen dress. As promised, this is the going to school/causal look we did. White sneakers, white vest, back pack and pony tail; you are all set. It’s very simple, yet fun. You can still see all the pockets and belt details with the vest.











I love this look, it’s so fresh and easy; it’s perfect for going to school or just hanging out with friends. Do you guys like it? What else could she wear this with for a casual look?

Come back tomorrow to see how we transform this dress to a glamour look.